Ross Ashton

Projection Artist

Ross Ashton Projection Artist
Karen Monid Soundscape Designer

Projections and soundscape in the gardens of the Yorkshire Museum as part of Illuminating York 2008.

The ruined Abbey of St Mary’s lies side by side with the façade of the Museum of York in the landscape the Museum Gardens.  I decided that the piece should address both buildings and that the public would be free to promenade between the two structures.

Designed for two buildings the images and sounds of ‘Accendo’ interacted and interrelated with each other and could be seen individually or as a single piece.

My goal was to create a large piece of immersive art that told a story relevant to the historical, scientific and religious roots of the buildings; which engaged the public and could be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests.  I wanted to represent these ancient areas of study in a modern and contemporary way.

In the same way that the museum is built through the foundations of the medieval abbey; so modern thought is built on the studies of the past.  Both of these buildings are temples of learning and entering into them leads you to a place of study and contemplation.  It is this continuous chain of thought and the passing on of information from one generation to the next that I wished to address.

Accendo ran from the 24th October to the 2nd November 2008

St Marys Abbey
The Yorkshire Museum


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