Ross Ashton

Projection Artist

London NYE
Ross Ashton Projection Artist

The Shell Building in London presents an almost perfectly flat canvas that lends itself to almost any interpretation.

This year with a new sponsor on board it was possible to create an image using video projection.

To make high impact energetic animations, the moving images were based on moiré patterns overlaid with silhouettes of Londoners. The resulting highly colourful imagery from this concept was legible to the public situated 500 metres away across the river.  By contrast much of the video footage of the “talking heads” was black and white in order to stand out from the rest of the animation.

“I enjoyed working with Jim Donald and Kate MacKay from Jack Morton on this project.  The results were exactly as planned for the event.”

This building of 110m tall by 55m wide required 24 high power video projectors and a complex OnlyView media server system to achieve the projection and animation.

To see a video please click here

There are also panoramics available of this event. Panoramic 1 and Panoramic 2.

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