Ross Ashton

Projection Artist

Pittsburgh Festival of Lights.
Projection onto four buildings in Pittsburgh, PA. USA

After the success of "Palimpsest" last year, I was invited to create four pieces this year.

The idea was to create a promenade event that the public could enjoy by walking between them.

I wanted to have them pieces as different as possible from each other.

The four pieces were:
"Splendors" based around the artworks in the Vatican Splendors exhibition being held in the city.

"Old Bones" based around the dinosaur collection of the Carnegie Science Museum.

"Hope"; a commission to represent the work of the Catholic Charities in the city, and

"Cascade" a kinetic piece bringing the wildlife and ambience of the Pennsylvania countryside into the city centre.

"Cascade" featured a soundscape created by Karen Monid.

Karen Monid

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