Ross Ashton

Projection Artist


"Ut Rosa Flos Florum, sic est Domus Ista Domorum"
(As the rose is the flower of flowers, so is this the house of houses)

Projection onto the South Transept of York Minster for the 2010 Illuminating York Festival.

The piece was a meditation on the meaning of Rose in collaboration with Karen Monid.

"Rose" was divided into four sections. The first concentrated on the rose as symbol of Yorkshire, complete with Latin inscription taken from the Cathedral's chapter house and sounds bring Yorkshire’s wild nature to life. The second section, “Rose Garden” combined love poetry spoken by local volunteers with images of climbing rose trees. This then led into “Mary”, which combined images of the Virgin Mary with an extract of the York Minster choir singing “Magnificat Septimi Toni” by Lassus. The final part was a study of perfection, both mathematical and tonal as glass sounds accompanied stained glass imagery and geometrical shapes and patterns.

Over the four days of the installation "Rose" had 65,000 visitors.

Our Thanks to:
Karen Monid
York Minster
York Glaziers Trust.
Gordon Plumb

Our poetry readers:
Sue Casson
Rob Jeffs
Lindsay Ibbotson
Nick Ibbotson
Jill Pratt
Graham Sanderson
Sue Skirrow
Gweno Williams
Tony Wright
Paul Yardley

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